Seems like 2020 is off to a rough start. Planes are getting accidentally shot out of the sky, Australia’s on fire, Alaska’s jealous, and apparently we’re on the verge of the next great war. Or at least that’s what a quick scroll through Reddit and a few overdue conversations with friends and family tells me.Continue reading “unpacking”


If you happen to find yourself in the Da Nang International Airport—bring cash. The visa application process is pretty straight forward. Apply online a few days in advance, pay a small processing fee, and you’re all set. Sort of. What isn’t explicitly stated is that once you land, you have to fill out an additionalContinue reading “larue”

thai time

I’ve been trying to figure out why these last two weeks have taken me so long to digest. It certainly hasn’t been for lack of material. I considered the possibility that, comparable to any love affair, where life feels effortless and things just flow, the magic of the honeymoon phase might slowly be wearing off.Continue reading “thai time”


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