europe, pt 1

Last weekend I spent the first few days of 27 in Seattle. This was probably against my better judgement, but I’m glad I did. It had been over a year since seeing some of my closest friends, longer since my oldest sister. It was weird flying again. In some ways, it felt quite natural andContinue reading “europe, pt 1”

getting out of town

My watch keeps telling me to breathe. I haven’t decided if it’s Apple’s gentle pat on the back, whispering there, there, we’re in this together, or a more sinister message from the steady rise in BPM and cortisol. In either case, I’m let down once I realize this isn’t a notification of any real importance.Continue reading “getting out of town”


So I had this interview the other day. And apart from some minor issues with the virtual format and lingering concerns of pant-less intruders, I felt it went pretty well. Following the meeting, the rest of my day was dedicated, it seemed, to revisiting my answers to some decidedly thoughtful questions. A few stood out:Continue reading “questions”


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